Keeping On Top Of Your Creative Flow.

Sometimes the most creative of people often find the management side of things overwhelming. When to post, how to promote, which content should follow the last one; all these things are integral to blog success and growth. If you're struggling in this area, let us solve your problem.

Blog management by Simple Marketing Studio in Sheffield

It's well known that a good blog can be the biggest source of traffic to your website. It's the area of most websites that holds the most value and that has the most time invested into it. It's also well known that Google loves 'fresh' content and blogs are a great way of adding fresh content to your website. So what do you talk about on a blog? Well if you're a fashion website it's probably best that you talk about fashion and what trends are currently on the rise. If you're a camping website then you don't want to be talking about fashion... or you could but... well that's up to you. Camping sites need to be talking about the area they are surrounded by, great routes, great bits of kit (that you can then monetise with something like Amazon Associates), reviews or other things to do with camping. All this can soon become overwhelming and there's often that much to write about that it can mean you're writing about the wrong things or not really getting the most out of your blog. Management is key.

We know what works, and we know what doesn't work. If you're struggling in this area and need some help then get in touch today and let us make it Simple for you.

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