Reach Millions with Social Media.

Everyone seem's to be doing it, if you're not, you're missing out on hundreds of millions of potential new customers. It's a modern platform that millennials have grown up with and there is an art to getting the most out of it. It isn't just for sharing photos or updating statuses, there so much more in the way of targeted advertising that social media has to offer. 

Social Media account management by Simple Marketing Studio in Sheffield

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pintrest... the list is endless and they are all hives of potential for your business. Which one should you choose? Should you choose just the one platform or go with multiple? That question depends entirely on that outcome you expect to achieve from leveraging social media. Social media can be a phenomenal pedestal for building and promoting your brand. There are over 1.5 billion active users on facebook each month and that could be the biggest, untapped source of growth for your business that there is.

The platform you choose will yield different results. Some social media sites are designed for more visual content and as such there is very little interaction between the brand and customer other than visually. These sites aren't ideal for engaging in conversation with your customers or resolving issues. Others, like Facebook, are all rounders. High quality visual content promotes sharing, which is a key KPI on Facebook, but you also have a platform for your customers do directly contact you and use Facebook as a secondary avenue for customer service. You can choose to have different approaches on social media, be less formal than you would via email with customers, or you can maintain the vice of your company throughout.

Knowing what content to post is key to all social media. If it is poor, irrelevant content, it won't be shared or engaged with and it won't see the light of day. If it is good quality, highly relevant content, then expect to see your fan/customer base expand and your realistic objectives should fall into place. Social media really is a must have and if you're struggling in this area and need some help then get in touch today and let us make it Simple for you.

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