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It's really important that your site has a good amount of original, compelling content. We know that sometimes it can be hard to come up with good quality content so let us take that burden from you. Our creative writing team do the research and come up with rich snippets of text as well as full articles to suit your needs.

Copywriting services by Simple Marketing Studio in Sheffield

You'll hear this a lot when you're talking to marketers 'when it comes to SEO, original content is king'. This is as true today as it has ever been and it makes a lot of sense. If you're producing good quality, original content then people are going to want to read it. If people are going to want to read it then it is deemed relevant and that is what Google wants. Good quality, original and relevant content. You can't beat it.

Sometimes this is easier said than done. Think about it, it's hard to have an original idea let alone a continuous series of original ideas that are relevant. This isn't necessarily what we, and the marketing world, mean though when we say 'original content'. So long as it isn't duplicate content then you are good to go. Duplicate content can be a real problem maker online because if you have the exact same content as another website, how is Google supposed to know which one is more relevant to John Smith who is searching for it online. By having duplicate content, you reduce your chances of acquiring organic traffic dramatically. This can be the start of a downward spiral but it can so easily be fixed.

We have a great team of writers specialising in a number of areas who can craft wondefully worded content ideal for the online world. If you're struggling in this area and need some help then get in touch today and let us make it Simple for you.

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